I have been in a private practice setting in Hillsboro, Ohio as a sole provider since 1984. I served in an associate practice six years prior to starting on my own.

I have always considered my practice as a small country practice in a rural/small suburban population. I enjoy serving the people of southern Ohio. Practicing in a small area like Hillsboro is much different than that in a large city. I like to think that I am able to give each and every patient the time and care they need. Each patient gets the time they deserve. Some require more time and attention than others. We continue to accept new patients on a daily basis.

My practice is considered a general optometric practice. Although I do not hold any specialty certifications, we are involved in a variety of care and treatment modalities such as comprehensive eye care, therapeutic eye care and treatment, foreign body removal, , as well as refractive needs such as prescribing and fitting glasses and contact lenses.

No case is too small or too large. We have served patients from age one to one hundred. There are times the patientsí needs fall out of our scope of practice defined by The Ohio State Board of Optometry. In those cases, we have a great working relationship with a vast range of specialists in a relatively close proximity.

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Dr. M. Dean Kiesling, Optometrist